Engine Parts

Specialized in Engine Parts

SPICO launched in 1988 as a manufacturer of marine diesel engine parts and auxiliary equipment. For more than 30 years, we have supplied products to Korean engine manufacturers, including HHI, HSD, and STX.

Our flagship products are air starting motors for medium-speed diesel engines, centrifugal oil cleaners, and cylinder lubricators for low- speed diesel engines. We also supply diesel engine parts through strong partnerships with leading engine manufacturers.

Air Starting Motor - SM
  • Ensure engine cranking with the power of the compressed air
  • Cost-effective, safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly
  • Slow turning option
  • Medium-speed diesel engines, oil and gas industry, mining industry etc.
Centrifugal Oil Cleaner - CP
  • High-performance oil filtration unit(2,000~3,000RPM)
  • Promotes purity of oil
  • Extended life and service cycle of engine and equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs and fuel consumption
Cylinder Lubricator
  • Special pump consisted of plunger and barrel for lubricating oil supply.
  • Mechanical Lubricators(Atlas) and Electronical Lubricators(Alpha/ME) for MAN low speed diesel engines

  • Reduction of corrosion, friction and lubricating oil cost.

  • Increase of sealing effect between piston ring and cylinder liner.