Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner is working by the action & reaction principle caused by oil pressure in two nozzles. It creates a high-performance oil filtration unit rotating at a speed of 2,000~3,000 RPM



Promotes purity of oil



Extended life and service cycle of engine and equipment



Reduced wear on engines and mechanical equipment, maintenance costs and fuel consumption

CP Principle of operation

  1. Oil inflows through the shuttle valve on the right
  2. Forms pressure inside, sprays through the nozzle
  3. Accumulates sludge on the inner wall by rotational force of the rotor
  4. Drains refined oil to the bottom


Oil Transfer Base 

OTB is a device that circulates and discharges oil with compressed air without a discharge pump when an oil tank is located horizontally or relatively high with centrifugal oil cleaner.

CP Models