SPICO welcomes all visitors.
President & C.E.O Kim Yul Tack's Greetings

SPICO launched in 1988 as a manufacturer of marine diesel engine parts and auxiliary equipment. For more than 30 years, we have supplied products to Korean engine manufacturers, including HHI, HSD, and STX.

Our flagship products are air starting motors for medium-speed diesel engines, centrifugal oil cleaners, and cylinder lubricators for low- speed diesel engines. We also supply diesel engine parts through strong partnerships with leading engine manufacturers.

SPICO products are exquisitely designed and manufactured to satisfy our customers’ stringent needs. Our products are innovative, reliable and competitive through high-quality, high-efficiency production and management systems. We strive to increase customer satisfaction through constant upgrades to our product and services range.

In consideration of the global issue of reducing carbon emissions through continuous R&D investment, SHIN HEUNG PRECISION aims to create new business lines in the future application market by developing eco-friendly products related to oil refining and introducing an improved monitoring system. Our top priority is to quickly release high- quality, upgraded products to domestic and overseas markets in line with customer needs. We strive to become a global market leader. We sincerely appreciate the ongoing support of our customers at home and abroad.

President & C.E.O.
Kim Yul Tack